Sunday, May 3, 2009

Say YES to life

Say yes to life; drop as many no's as possible.

Even if you have to say no, say it, but don't enjoy saying it. And if it is possible, say it also in the form of yes. Don't miss a single opportunity of saying yes to life.

When you say yes, say it with great celebration and joy. Nourish it; don't say it reluctantly. Say it lovingly, say it with enthusiasm, with zest; pour yourself into it totally. When you say yes, become yes!

You will be surprised to know that ninety-nine out of a hundred no's can be dropped very easily. We say them only as part of our ego; they were not needed, they were not inevitable.

The one no that remains will be very significant; that one need not be dropped. But even saying that essential no, one has to be very reluctant, very hesitant, because no is death, and yes is life.

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