Wednesday, April 29, 2009

That which we are seeking...

Those moments when you feel that what you are doing is foolish are very rare moments of wisdom.

To be seeking is foolish, because that which we are seeking we already have. To meditate is foolish, because meditation is a state of nondoing. To ask is foolish, because the answer cannot come from the outside - it can only come from your own heart. In fact, it cannot come as an answer, it will come as a growth. It will be a blossoming, a blooming of your being.

But those moments when you feel that what you are doing is foolish are rare moments of wisdom. You cannot always feel foolish, otherwise you will become enlightened! In the Zen tradition this incident is repeated again and again, in every age with every master: Somebody comes and says he wants to know how to become a Buddha and the master hits him very hard - because the question is foolish.

Sometimes it has happened, if he is really ready and on the Verge, that with the first hit of the master the person has become enlightened. He was able to see in that hit that it was foolish to ask how to be a Buddha, because he was one already!

These things are going to happen to every seeker by and by. While you are meditating, suddenly there is a ray of light and you see that it is foolish. But those are very rare moments of wisdom. It is only a wise man who can feel foolish.

Fools never feel that they are foolish; they think they are wise. That is the definition of a foolish man: he thinks he is wise. And a wise man is one who has come to know that everything is foolish.

Page 205, Everyday Meditations, Osho

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