Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Unveiled Mysteries

"If human beings could see their own thoughts, feelings, and words go out into the atmosphere, upon the ethers, gather and gather more of their kind and return, they would not only be amazed at what they give birth to but would scream for deliverance and if for no other reason than to blot such creation out of mind they would with full determination face their own Divinity and enter into it. Thoughts and feelings are living pulsating things. The individual who knows that will use his wisdom and control himself accordingly.

"The person who seeks to contact an Arisen Master in the visible, tangible, living, breathing body without the preparation needed to gradually attune his own outer structure and mind is in the same position a child in kindergarten would be were he to see a college professor and insist on learning the A. B. C's under him.

"The Ascended Masters are Really Great Batteries of Tremendous Power and Energy and whatever touches their Radiance becomes highly charged with their 'Light Essence' through the same activity that makes a needle kept in contact with a magnet take on its qualities and become a magnet also. All their help and Radiation is forever a free gift of Love. This is the reason they never use any of their force to compel.

"The Law of Love the Law of the Universe and the Law of the individual does not permit the Ascended Master to interfere with the free will of the individual except at those periods of Cosmic Activity in which the Cosmic Cycle supersedes that of the individual. It is during these times the Ascended Master may give more than ordinary assistance. The earth has entered such a Cycle now, and the greatest Outpouring of the 'Light' the earth has ever known is being and will continue to be shed upon humanity to purify it and re-establish the Order and Love that is imperative for the future maintenance of our planet and the system of worlds to which we belong. All that does not or will not come into the action of Order Balance Peace must of necessity pass into some other school-room of the universe and work out its own understanding of this Law in some other way than is to be the expression of the future Life upon our earth.

"There is only one passport into the 'Presence,' of these Great Ones and that is Enough Love poured out to one's own God Self and to Them united with the determination to root out of the human all discord and selfishness. When an individual becomes determined enough to serve only the Constructive Plan of Life, he disciplines perfectly his human nature, no matter how unpleasant the task. Then he will automatically draw to himself the attention of an Ascended Master who will take note of his struggles and pour out courage, strength, and Love sustaining him until he maintains permanent contact with the Inner God Self.

"The Ascended Master knows and sees all concerning the student for he reads clearly the record which the student has made in his own aura. This reveals the state of the disciple's development his strength as well as his weakness. The Ascended Master is the All-Knowing Mind and the All-Seeing Eye of God for from him nothing can be hidden. The one who wishes to come into the visible, tangible 'Presence' of the Ascended Host should understand that unless he makes himself a Radiating Sun of Love, Light, and Perfection which the Master can expand, and use as a part of Himself that he can direct to any place consciously at will he would be useless merely a barnacle and drain upon the Master's work and world.

"If the student has not, be not willing to, or does not discipline the personal self so it is calm in mind peaceful and loving in feeling and strong in body he is not material that the Ascended Master can use in the more-than-human work that he does. When the student has not a strong, controlled, well developed vehicle he is unable to co-operate with an Ascended Master, and thus do work of a kind which is beyond that of the ordinary human experience.

"Were one of these Perfected Beings to take a student without such qualities into his field of work he would be making the same mistake one does in building a machine or home, if he constructs it of imperfect material.

"That kind of material naturally could not stand unusual strain, under sudden need, or prolonged service. Thus, it would not be the part of either wisdom, love, nor mercy to subject anyone to an experience for which he has neither the training nor is strong enough to bear. As the Ascended Masters are the Acme of Perfection they naturally would not do anything except that which is just, loving and wise.

"The attitude of one who wishes to work in conscious co-operation with the Ascended Host should not be 'I wish I could go to them for instruction' but rather 'I will so purify, discipline, and perfect myself, become such expression of Divine Love, wisdom, and power that I can assist in their work then I will automatically be drawn unto them. I will love so constantly, so infinitely, so divinely, that the very intensity of my own "Light" will open the way for them to accept me.'

"My son, self-correction and control of the forces within the use of human consciousness is not the work of a moment nor a path of ease, lethargy, and self-gratification for the senses riot within the average human being and he rebels furiously against the restraint of his lower nature which is imperative if he is to govern these forces properly within himself especially in his feelings so they may be used and act only under the conscious Dominion of his God-Mind.
"The saying that 'Many are called but few are chosen,' is very true. All are constantly being called but few are awake enough to realize the Ecstatic Joy and Perfection within the God-Self and to hear Its Voice in the 'Light' forever and forever calling everyone back into the Father's House.

"Every individual on earth is free each moment to 'Arise and go unto the Father' his God Self if he will but turn his back upon the creation of the human senses and hold his attention on the Only Source in the Universe from which peace, happiness, abundance, and Perfection can come.

"There is a way for all to come into contact with the Ascended Masters, and that is to think upon them call unto them and they will answer every call with their own 'Presence' of Love but the motive for the call must be Love of the One Source Love of the Light, Love of Perfection.

"If this be real, determined, and steadfast, the student will receive greater and greater Light for the 'Light' knows Its own and gives of Itself, unceasingly, unconditionally, every moment. Ask and ye shall receive knock and it shall be opened unto you seek and ye shall find call unto the 'Light' and the Ascended Masters will answer you for they are the 'Light' of this world.

Excerpts from Unveiled Mysteries, by Godfre Ray King

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