Thursday, March 19, 2009

Love and Death

I wonder if you have ever known what love is?

Because I think death and love walk together. Death, love, and life are one and the same. But we have divided life, as we have divided the earth. We talk of love as being either carnal or spiritual and have set a battle going between the sacred and the profane.

We have divided what love is from what love should be, so we never know what love is. Love, surely, is a total feeling that is not senti- mental and in which there is no sense of separation.

It is complete purity of feeling without the separative, fragmenting quality of the intellect. Love has no sense of continuity. Where there is a sense of continuity, love is already dead, and it smells of yesterday, with all its ugly memories, quarrels, brutalities. To love, one must die.

-J Krishnamurti

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