Monday, March 2, 2009

Today I'm here. You know why? This is the hundredth time I said to myself I m going to blog! How many times have I forgotten the following:
- User Name
- Password
- Username & Password
- which email ID I used
- Who I am
There the list extends to everything and anything. And what happened to those that I posted before? God only knows.
I m tired of my forgetfullness. Where is it taking me to? I forget anything and everthing. Sometimes I find hands holding my face , whose hands are those? And it s mine. So to save myself from further brain damage, I thought I will write something. Yes I m going to write something. No matter what. No matter where. On the blog, on the watercan, on the wall, on the table, on the fridge, under the kitchen cabinet, anywhere and everywhere. I m going to just write. Whatever flows to my mind. Dear readers, please forgive me, if you can't just stand me. You ll just get used to it soon.

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