Saturday, March 21, 2009

You are You

Animals are not neurotic because they don't have any ideals, trees are not neurotic because they don't have any ideals. They are not trying to become somebody else.

They are simply enjoying whatever they are.

You are you. But somewhere deep down you want to become a Buddha or a Jesus and then you go around in a circle that will be unending. Just see the point of it - you are you. And the whole, or existence, wants you to be you.

That s why existence has created you, otherwise it would have created a different model. It wanted you to be here at this moment. It did not want Jesus to be here in place of you. And existence knows better. The whole always knows better than the part.

So just accept yourself, If you can accept yourself, you have learned the greatest secret of life, and then everything comes on its own. Just be yourself.

There is no need to pull yourself up; there is no need to be a different height fromm what you are already. There is no need to have another face. Simply be as you are. and in deep acceptance of it, and a flowering will happen and you will go on becoming more and more yourself.

Once you drop the idea of becoming somebody, there is no tension. Suddenly all tension disappears. You are here, luminous in this moment. And there is nothing else to do but to celebrate and enjoy.

- Osho

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