Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Silence is all that is needed

Silence is all that is needed.
All things bloom in their own time.
Fighting to make things happen, denying true sensations, whether good or bad,
we are drawn away from our true selves.
How to be authentic when one knows how it may effect others?
friends, lovers, family, community...
all are effected.
so, do i simply move forward without worrying about how they are affected,
or do i only move in a way in which all are blessed?
are these things even compatible?
what to do, what to do....


go inward


Relax, flow, breathe.

it will all come about as it should.

all it takes is nurturing the inner, the seed.

The seed is internal, buried in the mud, the organic ooze which births life.
When it is in its natural surroundings, it's "zone of evolution", it does not need any intended nurturing.
Rain naturally falls, the sun naturally shines and warms the soil, then the foliage, and life comes into being, and there can be a blooming.

Too many seeds, too many beings have been removed or relocated from their origin of being.
These need to be nurtured, to maybe have some extra water showered on them,
to be carefully placed in the right spot in the garden so that the variation in light comes at least close to mimicking its natural environment.
only then do these transplanted, "internationalized" seeds germinate and grow, only with much nurturing does the growth become noticeable on the outside. Otherwise, the growth is easily retarded. it becomes easy for little carelessness to lead to withering away.
So we must take care & nurture ourselves & all around us in this increasingly virtual world.
Only then will a new flowering occur.
Only then are people drawn to the fragrance, which only comes with the opening of the flower.
How to relate to all of those noses getting so close?

With love & compassion, and the hope that they understand that the flower is not just for them, but to be shared by all.

- Osho

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